Extra Virgin Olive Oil








The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by Azienda Agricola Zizzi is only got from the olives crushing throughout mechanical processes without any kind of chemical or physical alterations.

Only superior quality fresh olives are crushed, considering also that the only treatments they are subjected to is their picking up, their washing, their separation from their leaves, their centrifugal and final filtering.

The real Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a maximum acidity of 1% and a fruity smell that directly refers to the original fruit, the same smell that is possible to gain by simply crushing an olive in an own hand.


Productive cycle

  • Washing
    Once picked up in baskets and selected under a platform roof in order to keep unaltered their temperature, the olives are put on a running belt tape to be separated from their leaves and to be brought then in the washing machine in order to eliminate any kind of impurities such as little leaves, branches, land and so on...

    After the washing phase, olives are crushed by a mill made of knives and hammers thanks to which it is possible to get a very green olive oil rich in polyphenols. All this procedure occurs in a closed place in order to not oxygenated the products with the consequent risk to lose polyphenols so important for the olive oil shelf life.  

    The got dough is worked for about half an hour in proper basins at a temperature of 25-27°C.

    Squeezing out and separation 
    After the kneading phase the worked dough is brought into another basins in which it is diluted with the same water originated from the olives without adding new one, then everything goes into a decanter where, thanks to a centrifugal movement, the residual oil is extracted.

    The got must is brought into the separator devices where a more powerful centrifugal movements definitely separate the oil from the water and from the solid residual. The extracted olive oil directly goes into stainless steel tanks and only after 10 days of settling it is lightly filtered and then packed into cans or bottles.