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An about century-old tradition

  • Azienda Agricola Zizzi, located in the heart of Olives Trees land, is the direct result of an endless love and passion for its Majesty “the olive tree” Mr Francesco Zizzi has been able to give to his family.   

    If today the Zizzi family is on the market with a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is just thanks to his deep knowledge about olive trees, their natural growing phases and about all the productive processes both traditional and innovative as well that are able to produce an excellent product son of the genuine secular production.









 The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only one to have an excellent quality due to its organoleptic and healthy features. 

The high concentration of vitamins A, D, E, K gives it antioxidant properties and a protective effects on the cells as well; in particular the vitamin E that strengthens the immune system. It has been also demonstrated that a regular usage of extra virgin olive oil can protect arteries and heart reducing the cholesterol level in the blood, slowing down the ageing effects on the cerebral cells and can prevent the arteriosclerosis disease.

Why to adopt and olive tree?

  • To taste and exclusive product from Puglia.
  • To have a fresh product got from the olives picking up of your own tree.
  • To let you have a direct income from Puglia.
  • To have your Extra virgin Olive Oil cans or bottle directly shipped to your home.

And, if you want a customized label with your name or a friend of yours’ name, with only € 50,00 more we can personalize the packaging.

Contact us for more info.




Puglia Flavour

  • Welcome to Puglia, land kissed by the sun and mitigated by the sea, land of intense colors, land of the olive trees and of the millstone-press and the “gold nuggets”.

    It was right the little elf in the fairies’ caves when he appeared in the farmer’s dream revealing him the millstones and “gold nuggets” secrets hidden in the cave, “But it is not gold” replied the farmer to the elf, “they are just olives!”. And the poor little elf said: “how irresponsible you all are! You have gold and you don’t recognize it!” It’s the olive oil the gold of Puglia, an ancient and precious product like the land from which it originates.

    The olive oil is the result of a generous weather and the result of a great work and dedication of all those who, with love and respect, cultivate and look after these real natural monuments. From the pruning to the picking up, from the milling to its final usage, the olive trees growing in Puglia is always and constantly marked by respect and dedication. Any single olive oil drop is precious as it keeps inside an endless world of inimitable flavors and knowledge.